98: Overcoming the Mental Barrier with Justin and Tara Williams

IMG_0937Husband and Wife team Justin and Tara Williams began their entrepreneurial journey shortly after getting married 11 years ago.

Their first business left them with $120,000 of debt and practically homeless after the first year. Fortunately one year later they began their real estate investing business. Since that time their company has flipped over 500 houses taking them from poverty to 7 figure annual net income earners the past few years. In 2013, House Flipping HQ and the House Flipping HQ Podcast was born and Justin began teaching others how they too can create wealth through flipping houses.

Having now found success in 2 businesses and realizing their true passions of helping people break through their mental barriers Justin and Tara began the 8 Minute Millionaire Podcast where they teach others how they can obtain millionaire status just by learning how to think like millionaires think, and do the things that millionaires do. The true purpose for the show is not to just become a millionaire but to break through limiting beliefs, realize your true potential and know that you can accomplish anything.

Justin and Tara live in San Clemente CA with their 3 goofy and wild kids. Their main focus is on family, being as crazy as humanly possible, while trying to help a few people along the way 🙂

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • Justin & Tara are celebrating 12 years together! Tara talks about the realization they’ve had that there are “2 cooks in the kitchen” since she stepped out of her comfort zone.

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Had the dream house and life – Justin was living life doing whatever he wanted, but he was bored. He needed to do SOMETHING!
  • How Justin picked his topic: he loved talking about house flipping and people would ask about how they could do it, too, ALL OF THE TIME! So he launched a podcast to share his knowledge.
  • Put up his educational program – podcast, coaching program, etc., but 1 year in nothing was happening and he was about to quit…
  • But then his tech guy put a countdown timer up on the website and 10 people bought into his program!
  • Being focused in was KEY!!!

Monetizing your podcasting

  • They have a coaching program – $2,500
  • They also offer a high-end coaching program – $25,000
  • They host a 3-Day Event for their community
  • Tara has developed a program that helps them walk through their problems (listen in!)
  • They both appreciate the higher-end work and people this attracts




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