96: True Success with Nick Pavlidis

Nick PavlidisNick is a ghostwriter and the Entrepreneur’s Life Coach who helps high achievers grow their businesses while maintaining strong boundaries around family and personal priorities. His first book, Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned from a Lumpy Couch details how he went from an overworked lawyer who had a family, to a husband and father who is also a successful lawyer and businessman.

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • The best path isn’t necessarily the easiest path
  • His passion for his podcast came out of real-life events: waking up from his “laziness” and starting to take ACTION!

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • The profit from his podcasts has caused listeners (parents, kids) to have INCREDIBLE and BETTER moments than ever!
  • With his other podcast, he’s received some incredible heartfelt e-mails from listeners – people who have been HELPED and CHANGED for the better! Podcasting is SO powerful.
  • Consider who you spend time with – who are the 5 people around you?

Tips for growing your podcasting

  • Listens to his audience – hears them – and takes action!
  • Listeners loved the fun, goofy moments as well as tips/teaching moments (be unique!)
  • Strategic and careful with episode titles: his logo/ title/ episode title – they’re all designed to get listeners to CLICK and LISTEN through.
  • Goes straight into the produced INTRO – get to the content!

Monetizing your podcasting

  • Business perspective – having people HEAR him and connect with him
  • All of his podcasts and businesses are all directly related! Tune in to hear the power behind this.


You’re not alone with your struggles
Don’t overcomplicate things
Your voice MATTERS!!!




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