94: Treat Your Guests Like GOLD with Harry Duran

Harry DuranJust a small-town boy, living in a lonely world. He took the midnight train going… OK, so maybe this recently transplanted NYC’er wasn’t so lonely. For some reason he had Journey on his mind. He is a self-confessed Podcast Junkie, so he started a podcast, Podcast Junkies, so that he could talk to some of the most interesting folks in that space.

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • Going to CBS radio for some behind-the-scenes recording action! All because of the podcast.

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Looking at some new strategies – getting out of his comfort zone
  • At a seminar, sat strategically next to the microphone so he could ask a question – to make a connection with Chase Reeves. Priceless.
  • Tune in to hear how Harry gets guests to say YES to being on his show
  • Get involved in live sessions, events, etc. and show up to be at some of these things to show interest.
  • Treat your guests like GOLD!
  • Does video interviews in order to make that face-to-face connection

Tips for growing your podcasting

  • All episodes are communicated through social, email, etc.
  • Creates show art for each episode (square pic and banner image)
  • Repurposes stuff on YouTube
  • Being on all of the social platforms in a strategic way and a consistent way has been big for him
  • Builds a list of topics for the day so they are consistent across the platforms

Monetizing your podcasting

  • Focus on your passion – not on money!
  • Provide services/products that your listeners actually want!
  • Scratch your own itch/”niche” – what do YOU need? Harry created a tool HE needed and that others needed as well.


podcastjunkies.com/therealbrian – PDF or Google Sheet resource!!!!


Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!
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