90: If You Don’t Promote, Who Will? With Barry and Catherine Cohen

Barry and Catherine CohenCatherine Cohen has two successful small business endeavors with Barry under her belt- Premier Barter, a barter exchange, and a barter software company. She has a talent for all things marketing and networking and loves helping people succeed.

Barry Cohen is the resident jokester and technology guru. In fact, Barry has a computer repair company, Barca Solutions. Each day, he expertly does all the editing and everything tech while keeping it fun. Fun tidbit about Barry (not to show his age or anything) is that the personal computer debuted the year he graduated high school.

Catherine & Barry are co-hosts of the soon-to-be very popular podcast Together 24/7, which is dedicated to sweethearts who are business partners, and business partners who are sweethearts.

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • We didn’t get a million listeners in the first week!…

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Found out that couples in business NEEDED help not fighting and working well together; they found their passion for helping them.
  • Didn’t realize a podcast would be a part of this; they’ve pivoted A LOT and done things a bit “backwards” – tune in for details!

Tips for growing your podcasting

  • Guests will promote for you!
  • Newsletter and communication with their listeners
  • Grab friends’ phones and download the podcast for them! =)
  • Networking is ESSENTIAL – if you don’t promote, no one will

Monetizing your podcasting

  • Paying attention to your number of listeners & reviews
  • Responsiveness of audience – are people engaging?
  • Social media conversation & engagement: that’s proof what you’re putting out is reaching people
  • Listening to a podcast but not “responding to it” is not good…
  • They watch Food Fortunes and Shark Tank to get new couple ideas for interviews – always looking for their target audience online and on TV! Do your research!




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