89: Q&A How do you find great podcasts to be a guest on?

Blissful Bites PodcastToday’s question comes in from Nicole Culver of the Blissful Bites Podcast:


How do you find great podcasts to be a guest on?


  • There is no one “formal directory” for this
  • There are sites where you can find podcasts who are looking for guests, but there’s no guarantee they’ll actually be a “great podcast” for you to be on
  • It’s going to take some research on your part if you want to find podcasts on your own
  • Services you can pay for that will help you find podcasts to be a guest on:
  • Jump on iTunes and go to your category, then dive in and find some shows you think you’ll be able to add value to! Reach out to them and offer an “interview swap”
  • In Podcasters’ Paradise, there is a Guests tab that connects you with other podcasters in Paradise who are looking to be interviewed / find interviewees for their show

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