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Suresh ThakoorJan 18 , 2015, he was 267 pounds …and then he went turbo. 60 days later, he was 213 pounds… which made him think, “what else can I do?”

Marketing Automation startup? Check. Writing a book and information product? Check. Still crushing his main job? Check. Making music after a 20-year hiatus? Check. Amazing marriage? Check. Dad? Check.

What he realized is that what we think is impossible or “hard work” are just symptoms of a lazy brain. He is not a person, he is exponential.

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • The interviews (stories) surprised him – how amazing these stories are
  • Create moments for your listeners
  • Doesn’t edit – wants it to be natural – like someone is sitting in on the conversation
  • Became a Blisshacker after his divorce – the anti-niche!

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Everybody has a story
  • Mindset is so important; it determines success and failure
  • Realized the more authentic he was, the better his results
  • Blisshacker is a passion project: not a money-making podcast.
  • Goal-less things are essential: doing something for fun and being authentic

Tips for growing your podcasting

  • Forget downloads and look more at how many lives you impact; focus on making an impact

Monetizing your podcasting

Life is easy:

  • Love yourself and be authentic
  • Share your unique contribution and voice
  • The money will come
  • We don’t get the internal stories behind the successful people
  • Herofication – putting people on pedestals, then discount our own greatness. How can you be efficient if you do this? – stop!


“You can never HAVE imposter syndrome if you’re being authentic”

“Chase moments and experiences”


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