86: Monetized in 9 Months with Jack Sweeney

Jack SweeneyJack Sweeney is host and creator of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast. He is managing director of Middle-Market Executive, a leader in on-demand audio for the middle market c-suite, and a social influencer focused on elevating the voice of middle market leadership.

With a background of more than 20 years in print and online journalism, Jack has written extensively about finance, management consulting, information technology and public policy. He is the former editor in chief of Business Finance Magazine and the founding editor of Consulting magazine just to name a few!

What’s something that has surprised you on your podcasting journey?

  • Recent lesson for Jack in podcasting: Podcasting is wonderful at capturing content! Repurposing is so important and powerful.
  • Repurposing content in a way that takes a whole interview and extracts different aspects to put into additional niches for additional content, products, etc.

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • His first market attempt wasn’t niche enough, etc. and had to pivot
  • Storytelling is key – telling real life stories engages your listeners
  • Details – getting the level of detail necessary for the subject to be interesting and useful

Tips for growing your podcasting

  • Going to events, becoming more visible, etc.
  • Webinars: partnering with companies that want to target his audience – mutual benefit
  • Building relationships with CFOs

Monetizing your podcasting

  • CFO Thought Leader – monetized within 9 months
  • Middle Market Thought Leader – monetized from day 1
    o Bundled it in with different content services
  • Uses LinkedIn as his main social channel
    o It’s WHERE Financial leaders reside!
  • Had his blog first, which grew the audience and sponsor potential


“Most companies are REALLY STARVED for content that can help them ENGAGE”

“It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

“You HAVE to build relationships!”


LinkedIn is the place to connect with him


Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!
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