85: Q&A How do you get your interviewee to liven up and get excited?

Together 24:7Today’s question comes in from Barry and Catherine Cohen of the Better Together 24/7 Podcast:


“How do you get your interviewee to liven up and get excited?”


  • Some interviews just aren’t worth airing!
  • Give your guests permission up front to relax, to be comfortable – this is supposed to be fun! Let them know up front – at the beginning before you press play – that this isn’t going to be a grill session.
  • Tell your guest they’re in a ‘safe zone’ – if someone wants to take something out, then you’ll take it out.
  • Liven it up! Bring it out of your guest. It’s as much your responsibility to get them pumped up as it is their responsibility to be pumped up!


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