84: The Power of Relationships with Nicole Culver

Nicole CulverNicole Culver is the host of the Blissful Bites Podcast and owner of Blissful Eats snack company. Her goal is to share her experiences of running a small business and being a mom of two with transparency and authenticity.

Nicole enjoys 5 am wake ups, at home workouts, podcast listening and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Nicole lives in New York with her husband and two daughters.

What do you have going on right now?

  • Blissful Eats – Nicole’s granola company
  • Had a food blog for fun and had been searching for stories on successful women in the food industry; her curiosity fueled her passion for the topic.
  • Commonalities people had who went from zero to hero:
    o Hard work, consistency, and perseverance
    o Connections
    o Mentors/professional development
    o Found something that people WANTED

Growth strategies for podcasting

  • Uses connections she’s built in the past – called in favors to be on her show and promote her show – genuine relationships are key!
  • Created a podcast launch team – tune in to hear the details! So smart!
  • Did a giveaway with some of the different products from people she interviewed
  • Storytelling has been a huge key to her success – her listeners are truly engaged!

Monetization strategies for podcasting

  • Nicole ran a Virtual Food Summit that started on May 31st 2016 that was ALL paid!
  • She didn’t like the free – “it’s free, except if you want to buy” – format, so she made up her own format! Remember, this is YOUR podcast and YOUR business – you call the shots!
  • Tune in to hear some of Nicole’s struggles trying to manage recording and publishing/promoting the summit – why not learn from someone who’s already done it!?


“Find what you are passionate about!”


Blissful Bites Podcast


Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!


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