83: Q&A What’s the best podcast hosting service?

Consciously SpeakingToday’s question comes in from Michael Neeley, host of Consciously Speaking podcast:


“What’s the best podcast hosting service?”


  • Use a single host and focus on the major directories in the beginning: iTunes, Stitcher and Google
  • Libsyn, Spreaker, SoundCloud – there are several options for hosting
  • SoundCloud is popular, but they are focused on music; great service, but they don’t focus on podcasting
  • Don’t try and host your own podcast on your site; the streaming and download speed for your listeners will be slow and you’re risking your website’s bandwidth
  • Libsyn is #1 recommendation (use promo code fire for the rest of this month and next month free!*)


Note, if you are looking for a website host, support and a place where you can have all of your website and hosting needs taken care of in one single place, Podcast Websites is your go-to!


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