80: Your Podcast Brand is ESSENTIAL with Dennis Langlais

dennis langlaisHe is the ultimate self-employed human being. He traveled the world as an extreme sports athlete and later started a company performing shows nationwide that was a huge success. Dennis is now a podcaster and marketer and owner of the Codie Dog Interactive platform.

What do you have going on right now?

  • Five Minute BARK Podcast
  • Started interviews and had one of the New York Giants on and exploded
  • Authenticity – this is a big focus for his podcast; he’s trying to find out and share what the switch was for his guests when they became an entrepreneur
  • Dennis talks about how he’s reached out and locked in high-profile guests (says this has been the easiest part!)

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Has a product he’s selling to make money – this has been HUGE
  • BRANDING is #1 – you look, feel professional – potential guests see that he’s the real deal!
  • How you present yourself is so integral
  • There are “uniforms” for everything – sports uniforms, Mercedes and suits for business people. We need to create our OWN unique uniform (our brand)!
  • Being authentic is KEY!!!

Growth strategies for podcasting

  • Facebook (free) connections
  • Promoting yourself on others’ podcasts
  • Engage in conversation, being authentic, “show up” for the podcast, and love it!
  • One connection at a time. Build true, personal relationships; don’t just hand out your business card.
  • SOLID engagement – you have to be in the game.

Monetization strategies for podcasting

  • Dennis’ theory: you have to have a course to make money
  • Has an app as well, which he talks about in more detail during this episode!


Everyone is running around trying to make money so they can make connections. Some billionaires are lonely… they just want connection.


Five Minute BARK Podcast
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