8: Patience and Passion: Interview with Paradiser Inderpal Singh

Inderpal SinghInderpal Singh is the host of the Launch And Lead Podcast. He moved from an executive career to being an entrepreneur, and uses his passion for his entrepreneurial endeavors to help others achieve the same dream.

Founder and Managing Director of NorthShore Partners, Inderpal formerly worked at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, to shape management technology. He’s got a long list of accomplishments in the financial and technology sectors of business, and a number of degrees, including an MBA in Finance, Marketing and Technology from the Kellogg School of Management.


Inderpal says he discovered podcasts while traveling as a consultant. Searching through the Top 100 podcasts, he found Entrepreneur on Fire, and then NPR podcasts and “got hooked.”

Once he started spreading his entrepreneurial wings, he began to get even more interested in podcasting. He says he was inspired by John Lee Dumas to launch his own podcast. Saying he wanted to learn how to sell at an early age, he took a job as a young teenager selling “knock off”cologne door to door.

He quit after a day and a half.

Inderpal’s consulting business is built around his passion to help people leave the executive desk and become an entrepreneur.

So, the lessons he learned from that sales experience, and later, are applicable to his business.

“I quickly learned that I’m a big fan of logic and problem solving and so I like to look at situations analytically and say, ‘does this make sense?’”


Launch And Lead Podcast launched in mid-June. But, a number of months of work had gone into the launch.

Inderpal started recording the first 11 episodes in March. Then, he took a number of weeks getting the website up and a number of blog posts. “It is way more freaking work than you can imagine, than you realize.”


Advising podcasters about the work, Inderpal recommends podcasters batch their efforts.

“That is the one thing that I’ve started to shift towards that has become the single biggest differentiator. Otherwise, it becomes this thing that I have to do and is nowhere near as much fun.”

In his consulting business, he often teaches the “SCRUM” Technique.

This technique helps developers take care of their huge backlogs by teaching them to take a single concept, focus in on it’s completion, and then move to the next step.

“Although it is difficult for me to implement personally, I’m doing it more and more.” He says the combination of Pomodoro and SCRUM is helping him with his business and his podcast.


Using his podcast to teach and inspire others in the corporate world who dream of running their own business, he interviews leaders who have escaped from the executive office and created their own business. The interviews discuss several factors that should be considered, and practices that should be implemented, to build their self-run businesses.

Inderpal had stated his consulting business three years before launching his podcast. He uses his own experience to help with his interviews, and provides advice of his own to develop the content of his podcast.


Inderpal says his listeners appreciate the fact that the show is focused rather tightly on the subject, by condensing 60 minutes of interview content down to 20 minutes. Then, he adds another five minutes at the end that synthesizes the key points, and provides links to other podcast and blog post content which is focused on helping experienced business professionals who want to start and grow their first business.


Having just now started creating lead magnets and sales funnels, Inderpal says he has been using Twitter Chats and the incredible stories from executives who have moved to entrepreneur that attracts others who would love to accomplish the same journey.


While his podcast hasn’t grown his consulting business just yet (since mid-May), Inderpal says he’s waiting until the end of the year to evaluate the benefit of his podcast. Actually, he’s not even looked at his stats yet, and says he doesn’t expect returns until about six to nine months.


“John’s funnel is working,”says Inderpal. From EOFire, he then followed the Free Podcast Course, joined Podcasters’Paradise.

Although he’s not studied much of the content inside Paradise, he’s seen incredible value in the social group.


“You can’t get sucked into other people posting their wins and using them as de-motivators for yourself…be in this for the long game.”


Podcasters’ Paradise



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NPR podcasts

SCRUM Methodology

Pomodoro Technique

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