78: Be Your Own Rockstar with Michael Neeley

michael neeleyMichael Neeley is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned writer, motivational speaker, personal development coach, and author of the upcoming book, The Art of Forgetting. He also hosts his own podcast, Consciously Speaking.

Michael has appeared in feature films with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, performed off Broadway and had recurring roles in several popular soap operas. His studies in character development took place both on and off camera, and ultimately fueled his desire to pursue personal development and consciousness training as a profession.

What don’t most people know about you?

Used to joust as a knight at the Medieval Times events in Los Angeles and New York!

What do you have going on right now?

  • Podcast started out from his passion for studying “who we are as human beings”
  • 2 weeks after learning what a podcast was, he launched his first show!
  • Learned how to do it right from JLD – the Podcasters’ Paradise method
  • Consciously Speaking Podcast: born from his experiences, interviews, connections, & passion for personal development – it’s about awareness

Growth strategies for podcasting

  • Regular social media strategy – uses Meet Edgar to continue to promote old episodes over and over
  • Our listeners are NOT customers, they are FANS! Treat them like fans!
  • Have to be your “own rockstar” – tell EVERYONE about your show
  • Went from 7-day/week to 3-days/week when he found that listeners couldn’t keep up with 7 days a week (LISTEN to your avatar!!)

Monetization strategies for podcasting

  • Sponsorships
    • Runs a spot on his show – “if you’d like to be a sponsor, contact me here.”
    • One of his guests was a sponsor – wanted to promote their book
    • Has more individual entrepreneurs sponsoring him, not “advertisers”
    • Has a media kit for a potential sponsor educating them on the sponsorship
  • Coaching
  • Products
  • Podcast Network – building


Be sure the topic you’re picking is something you’re truly passionate about!


Consciously Speaking Podcast
Soon to come – Stoked and Meditate on This


Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!
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