76: Breaking the Mold and Being HERSELF with Bree Noble

Bree NobleBree Noble is an entrepreneur, musician and speaker. She founded Women of Substance Radio & Podcast to promote quality female artists in all genres. The Podcast hit #1 in New & Noteworthy in all 3 of its categories and #4 Audio Podcast on all of iTunes.

She draws on her extensive experience running her own music business, both as a solo musician and as an Industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians through her “Female Musician Academy”. On her weekly Podcast, Female Entrepreneur Musician, she conducts interviews with successful Indie female artists and industry pros that are both inspirational and informational.

What don’t most people know about you?

Worked as a director of finance at a top 15 in the US opera company.

What do you have going on right now?

  • Her passion is to create music that has deep and encouraging meanings.
  • Had an online radio station and then started an interview podcast after.
  • Was originally trying to fit into others’ molds; decided to be HERSELF and do her own thing!
  • Had her online radio station audience to pull from, which helped.
  • Has launched her Female Musician Academy & is loving it!

Lessons learned in podcasting

Monetization Strategies

  • Advertising
  • The Podcast was designed to point people to her course

Growth Strategies

  • The radio station – bringing 7 artists/songs on per day – building huge relationships through this and the podcast
  • Has an assistant who helps makes images the guest can spread all over social media for the ep they were on; having a personalized image for the guest to share has been HUGE!
  • Tell your guests EXACTLY what to do – take out the guess work.
  • Has assistants to help and allow her to do what only SHE can do
  • You have to bite the bullet to hire assistants/a team or else you won’t grow!

“Don’t get overwhelmed by all the things you think you need to do to launch your podcast.”




Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!

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