70: The Beauty of Niching Down with James Newcomb

James NewcombJames Newcomb is a musician, has been in the military and is the host of Trumpet Dynamics, a podcast that tells the story of the trumpet in the words of those who play it. James is also an active performer on the trumpet in the Twin Cities area.

This summer, James will relaunch his original podcast, Outside the Music Box, this time with a co-host and business partner. Outside the Music Box will help musicians identify the obstacles that prevent them from prospering, both musically and financially, and present strategies to avoid these obstacles.

*Update: Just a couple of days after his interview with Brian, James was approached by a friend about the idea of a entrepreneurial music podcast. As a result, they’ve relaunched Outside the Music Box. While new content will not be released for several weeks, James will be releasing a new episode from the archives every day until they’re ready to go. You can find the show at OutsideTheMusicBox.show.

James is married and has one two year old son who occupies the vast majority of his spare time, as well as a lot of time he can’t spare.


What don’t most people know about you?

Was at one time a licensed minister!

What do you have going on right now?

  • His first podcast: Outside the Music Box (started in March 2015)
  • His most recent podcast: Trumpet Dynamics (started in January 2016)
  • Chats with trumpet players that may not be as well known, but who have incredible stories that are worth hearing.
  • Made the decision to take a small break with Outside the Music Box, get out of the military, THEN he started Trumpet Dynamics.
  • Felt like he NEEDED to be doing podcasts – period

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • It’s easier to find your target listener by niching down
  • His first podcast was his time to learn HOW to do it
  • He’s planning to be the guy who’s the “go-to guy” in podcasting in the trumpet world
  • He’s currently helping to get people thinking about podcasting – his first step: becoming an affiliate for FreePodcastCourse.com


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