58: Be True to Your Listeners with Jeremy Paris

jeremy parisJeremy Paris joined the US Army immediately after graduating from high school. After ten years as a Personnel Administration Sergeant he left the military to become a government contractor performing computer support to the Department of Defense.

Fifteen years later he is still supporting the same customer, but has climbed the ladder to Sr. Systems Engineer. Jeremy has also spent the last five years on the staff of Veteran Artist Program (VAP), a non-profit Veteran Service Organization.

While at an event in Washington DC with VAP Jeremy shook hands with people representing so many veteran-focused organizations that he was blown away. It was the realization that most veterans had no idea that these organizations existed that prompted Jeremy to start this podcast.

What don’t most people know about you?

Entered one of his first ever drawings into a contest and it was stolen from the contest!

What do you have going on right now?

  • Started his podcast, Veteran Podcast, from a missing thing in his life as a veteran – he scratched his own itch!
  • He connects veterans to all of the thousands of organizations and resources they need.
  • Every organization signed up and was on board right away – the validation was fast and so exciting!

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • When he interviews an organization, he finds out about the person he’s interviewing, the organization – what it’s about, how veterans can get involved, ways veterans can benefit – do your research!
  • The purpose: helping veterans deal with what they went through in war – process, talk with others that went through the same thing, heal from it, decompress, etc.
  • Listen in to hear how Jeremy is impacting veterans on a HUGE level!
  • Jeremy talks about how he reaches his target audience – super helpful stuff – tune in to hear exactly what he does to grow his audience!
  • Ever wonder how to actually get your interviewees to share their interview with their own audience? Jeremy knows how, and he shares all!


“Be true to your audience… Don’t go into it with the ‘I’m gonna make money from this’ attitude. Go into it with the ‘How can I provide the best value to my listeners?’”






Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!

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