54: Freedom Based Luxury Life with Erica Duran

erica duranErica Duran is a Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer and Productivity Expert and host of The Erica Duran Show. She helps coaches, consultants, trainers and other entrepreneurs to simplify, focus, be more productive and get the freedom based luxury lifestyle of their dreams!

She supports them to building their businesses to at least a consistent $10,000+ per month while only working about 3 days per week so they can put more “life” back into their lifestyle. Erica is a full time traveler who lives at the luxury resorts who host and sponsor her radio podcast and web TV show.

What don’t most people know about you?

Worked at Disneyland for 5 years managing a restaurant while in college!

How did you get started with the podcast?

  • Had a large following on FB and Twitter from blogging for 4 years
  • Podcast was an extension to connect more with her listeners
  • Started teaching about time management, then went where her audience wanted – into marketing
  • Through listening to her audience, she found a problem to solve and had the desire to do it to help others

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Erica learns more from her own mistakes and mentors’ mistakes and where they are in the journey rather than just the success from people so far ahead
  • JUST LISTEN! The questions she gets asked most are what she uses primarily in her podcast

What are your growth strategies for your podcast?

  • Being interviewed on other podcasts
  • Consistency and perseverance is everything!
  • BE CONSISTENT on social media if you know your audience is there: Meet Edgar was MUCH more powerful for her than Hootsuite.

How I monetized my podcast before I launched

  • She got the sponsors FIRST before launching the podcast… how?
  • The hotel first started following Erica on Twitter, and she thought about launching the podcast ON LOCATION from the hotel/resort and then recording from those locations.
  • She had a personal connection with the hotel/resort (she stayed there and made a point of building relationships with people there)
  • Gave them a lot of information as a package deal – what SHE COULD GIVE THEM in terms of exposure
  • TUNE IN – THIS IS GOLD! She was a hotel exec in the past so she knew HOW to talk to them… KEY POINT

“Just get started!”



The Erica Duran Show


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