52: Crazy Inspiration & Desperation w/ Keith Callahan

Keith CallahanKeith Callahan is the host of The Business of Life podcast and someone who has succeeded massively in business and is transferring that success into his podcast!

What don’t most people know about you?

Used to own a financial consulting company with 27 employees.

After a 4-day spiritual retreat, he decided to shut down the company and moved on!

What do you have going on right now?

  • 3 day a week podcast
  • Focusing on identifying and creating the life he wants to live
  • Continuing his PASSION for his topic

Keith focuses his podcast is 2 things:

  • Passion project
  • Strategic – to interview a specific person each time with influence and value so that in turn his listeners receive value

Lessons learned in podcasting

2 ways to get to the point of the right topic:

  • Crazy inspiration
  • Desperation

In the beginning, Keith overcomplicated things with his podcast – listen in to hear how he turned that around and started taking purposeful action!

Having the education and community was necessary for Keith’s success and he talks about how powerful a launch team can be.

Biggest tips

  • When he started his podcast, he led with building deep relationships
  • Went into it with the intent of “I’m gonna talk about what I want to talk about, interview who I want, etc.”
  • Believes that passion draws listeners

Future monetization ideas

Future monetization strategies:

  • Courses
  • On-stage teaching
  • Standard funnel

“Time is the greatest equalizer. Have consistency and perseverance!”

The Business of Life



Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!

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