50: From a Personal Pain to a Massive Profit with Elizabeth Benton

Primal Potential podcastElizabeth has a background in nutrition, biochemistry and dietary supplements; however, she struggled with obesity for her whole life. She discovered that dieting was wrong, learned the right ways to live a healthy lifestyle, stopped dieting and embraced whole foods and a primal lifestyle.

She left her job in the nutrition industry within corporate America and launched Primal Potential. She’s now a fat loss coach, educator and podcaster. What sets Elizabeth apart is her empathy and personal experience to help others while teaching people how to stop dieting and accelerate their results.

What don’t most people know about you?

Was on a scholarship for Latin and Greek before she started studying nutrition!

What do you have going on right now?

  • Elizabeth’s journey is INCREDIBLE – listen in to the path she’s been on for YEARS that has been leading her to doing what she is today.
  • Elizabeth has an extreme passion for her topic, and it came from her OWN pain point.
  • In addition to public speaking, she launched a 3-day per week podcast to help others understand our bodies individually react differently – we need to pay attention to our own bodies rather than everyone else’s journey!

Lessons learned & growth strategies for podcasting

  • Paid attention to the top 2 things that people wanted and needed to help her niche and serve a SPECIFIC audience.
  • Her #1 growth strategy: She cares HUGELY for each and every listener.
  • Elizabeth is working on providing group coaching and courses for her audience – exciting! Listen in to hear details on how she landed on these offerings and what she’s doing to introduce them to her listeners.

Push through the difficulties with your podcast. There’s always someone who can help.

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