5: Q&A How Do You Get Your Show to Rate Popular in iTunes?

Podcast ProfessorsJaime Jay (Age 45, Host of Stop Riding the Pines, Co-Host, The Podcast Professors) asks,“In iTunes, there is a ‘popularity rating.’ How do you get most of your shows to rate ‘popular’?”



First, there are two different types of ranking and rating.

Assuming you’re asking about the popularity bar on your iTunes page, next to each of your episodes, this has something to do with the download count through iTunes. So, you’d need to promote the episode, get your guest to help promote it, or make sure that it’s a consistently downloaded episode.

For the idea of getting your show to “go popular” in iTunes:

  1. Subscribers and Listeners
  2. Ratings and Reviews
  3. Good Album Artwork

So, there’s three things you need to pay attention to. In order, they are:

  1. Good artwork is very important. Apple is concerned about it’s image, and they do rate your artwork. Have you ever seen a top 20 podcast with no artwork? Artwork is huge.
  1. Subscribers are important, but so is consistent downloads and listens. This helps over time. Obviously, the more listens you have, iTunes ranks you higher, but the consistency over time increases your value to iTunes.
  1. Good reviews and ratings help, as well.


iTunes actually has an algorithm to help them decipher the rankings of the top shows. (If you’d like the email that explains that from the ProfitCast Podcast, go to ProfitCastUniverse.com and subscribe to the email list, you’ll get an explanation on the second day).

Basically, Apple looks at 7 days of activity:

Day 1 after release: number of new subscriptions X 4

+ Day 2 after release: number of new subscriptions x 3

+ Day 3 after release: number of new subscriptions x 2

+ Days 4-7 after release: number of new subscriptions X 1

Total number divided by 13

  • You must get new subscribers
  • Make sure your title is keyword rich
  • Author needs to be keyword rich
  • Description doesn’t matter

Suggestions to help improve your iTunes ranking:

  • Need to send listeners to the iTunes link to get them subscribed.
  • We suggest you send listeners to your show notes page, and then, link the listeners to the iTunes page, using https:// not itps://
  • One word of warning, you still need to create great content. If you’re not creating compelling content, you’re not going to get new subscribers.


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