48: Belief and Consistent, Considered Action with Nicky Roche

Nicky RocheNicky holds degrees in chemistry, genetics and microbiology with an honours in industrial micro-biology and immunology. Nicky has held senior management positions in three multinational companies. In addition, she has consulted to Coca Cola, Honda and numerous other companies in South Africa, and has started and run businesses including a marketing consulting company in South Africa, a charter business in the Caribbean, and a property management business in Australia.

The common thread of challenges experienced on three continents prompted her to start SMALL BUSINESS DRIVERS. Over the years, Nicky’s vision to “make a difference” has grown, as has her frustration at seeing the challenges faced by small business owners – all of which could easily be overcome by networking, shared experiences and learnings.

What don’t most people know about you?

Nicky is a classical pianist!… did you know Brian is a pianist as well??

What do you have going on right now?

  • Started her podcast to help small business owners not have to go at it alone.

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Constantly improve your craft! If you consistently move yourself forward 1% a day (very small but consistent), after 70 days compounded, you would’ve moved yourself 100% forward!
  • Only put 3 things on your to-do list per day and achieve all 3 of them each day by setting a time limit
  • Have FOCUS – whatever it takes to focus on one thing!!
  • Have to enjoy and be passionate about what you are doing EVERY DAY or don’t do it

Podcasting growth strategies

  • Nicky invested in a coach who has helped guide her and help her through her journey
  • Adjusting your course is ESSENTIAL to hit your destination!

Best piece of advice

You have to have: belief combined with consistent considered action.


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