43: Q&A How do I set up Patreon and present it to my listeners correctly?

get social healthJanet Kennedy from the Get Social Health Podcast asks:

“How Do I Set up Patreon and present it to my listeners correctly, so it doesn’t just seem like I’m asking them for money?… and should I thank those who donate publically on my podcast?”

Brian’s answer to part II of this Q?

  • YES – definitely thank your donors!! If they’re okay with it, then absolutely thank them on your show; they love it, plus it’ll encourage others to get involved and help support, too!

Regarding setting up Patreon and presenting it correctly…

  • Is your community and podcast right for Patreon? (For example, if you have a lot of income streams already, then using Patreon probably isn’t a great route for you to go.)
  • Unless you have NO desire to get paid (if podcasting is your hobby), you deserve to be paid! Podcasting is hard work! So let your audience know.
  • No pity parties, but during your podcast let your listeners know you don’t earn an income for the podcast, and that you work hard to put it together for them. If they’d like to support head over to your site to donate!
  • Listen in to find out more details from Brian on exactly how you should set up your Patreon profile and how to handle the levels when you’re creating your page.


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