41: Q&A Should I Care about Social Media?

80Clay from 80 of the 80’s podcast: “Should I care about social media? If so, how can I turn this around so it actually works?”

Brian starts off with some wise words… “There are a lot of factors that go into Social!”

  • Social is CONSTANTLY changing.
  • Images are helpful – people are visual.
  • People care about what’s in it for them – focus on that FIRST when you post stuff.

Other recommendations

Do an “audit” on your show – of your last 3 eps; then ask yourself:

  • Are you likable?
  • Are you connecting with your listeners?
  • Does your content truly matter to your audience?

Brian asks a TON of GREAT questions every host should be asking themselves, and the answers to these questions will be helpful when thinking about social media – you sharing, and your guests sharing.


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