40: Trust in Yourself and What You’re Doing with Ann Peck

ann peckAnn Peck is the host of Straight Talk for a Curvy World™ and creator of Empowered Women’s Way – for Women at a Crossroads. A writer and motivational speaker, Ann has performed at more than 1,200 speaking engagements throughout the United States and Caribbean. Ann works with women around the world through her online program, live events and coaching.

Ann’s mission is to ignite the spark of hope within all women living Life at a Crossroads, so they too, can take back their lives, rewrite their script and begin living the life they always dreamed of!

Ann has a story of pain and struggle – from an abusive husband that she left to meeting “the love of her life” and marrying him. Last year, he ended their marriage and emptied their bank accounts, closed the credit cards, shut off her phone and took the car. In addition to both of Ann’s parents dying within the last 2 years. Ann says that after coming out from under the covers and picking herself up off the floor, she decided to return to speaking and sharing a message with women who had faced similar “Life at a Crossroads” types of situations… creating what she wish she had had for herself.

What don’t most people know about you?

Worked at a pizza and ice cream parlor when she was younger! Listen in to hear Ann’s “horn” stories 🙂

What do you have going on right now?

  • Ann did what it took – sold things and more – in order to get to a point where she could get through the tough financial times. She wanted to get to the point where she could eventually outsource work to allow her to focus on what she does best.
  • Ann practices an abundance mentality versus a poverty mentality – MINDSET is so important.
  • Ann made the decision to succeed, and you can, too!
  • Ann is passionate about creating amazing growth moments for herself, her guests, and her listeners!

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Surprised that a lot of people didn’t immediately come to listen…
  • …BUT, the satisfaction and joy she feels is unbelievable, and feedback is now confirming she’s doing the right thing.

Podcasting growth strategies & other topics discussed

  • She’s part of 2 targeted, paid FB Groups.
  • Twitter has been awesome for her – listen in to hear how Ann is leveraging Twitter.
  • Ann talks about how she’s put together her own sponsorship package to monetize her podcast.
  • Patreon – training on how to launch on Patreon and be successful.
  • How to price, structure, pitch?… Ann and Brian chat details about figuring this stuff out!

“Trust what you’re doing and trust in yourself”

It’s easy for other’s opinions to cause doubt… “Stay true to what you believe.”


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