37: Q&A What Do I Need to Do to Make 6 Figures a Year Podcast

marketers paradiseToday’s question comes in from Chris Luck, of MarketersParadise.com:

“What is it, EXACTLY, that I need to do in order to make 6 figures a year podcasting?”

Chris’ question is a follow up from a previous episode where Brian talks about how he’s found out exactly how to make 6 figures a year podcasting.

Brian talks about how he discovered a great formula for helping other businesses create a podcast (that Brian hosts for them), and how once he knew how much money he wanted to make per year, he was able to “back into” how many paying clients he would need to make that happen.

Brian goes through a series of questions you should be asking yourself, so be sure to tune in to hear exactly what steps you can take in order to figure out how to get to 6 figures per year!


Shout out to @iamtherealbrian for an amazing A to today’s Q!

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