30: Essential Growth Strategies with Brandie Weikle

Brandie WeikieBrandie Weikle is a long-time parenting editor, writer and spokesperson with a passion for forward-thinking approaches to the issues that affect today’s families. Most recently editor-in-chief of Canadian Family magazine, Brandie now publishes TheNewFamily.com, a website that celebrates and examines modern family life and hosts The New Family Podcast.

Brandie is a single mother of two in Toronto and a frequent television and radio guest on parenting topics. In her free time she enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, cooking and mixing a mean cocktail.

What don’t most people know about you?

I’m a total winter sports nut! I do speed skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing – you name it! It makes winter much easier to handle 😉

What do you have going on right now?

Brandie talks about how her podcast is going really well – she’s getting some amazing feedback – but she’s found it’s more work than expected!

She started her site about 1.5 years ago; added the podcast to reach people in an intimate way and to represent / share the “changing faces of families”. Everyone is different!

Lessons learned in podcasting

There’s definitely a learning curve doing an interview via audio versus print, which is what Brandie is used to.

Tips for interviewing:

  • Give a rough list of questions/scripting to interviewees before you record, but stay conversational. So, prepare, but be conversational!

Unexpected stuff:

  • Expected higher downloads faster – patience is required!!
  • Thought it would be easier to get higher download #’s (from her experience in blogging – it’s much easier to get a page view than a listen).

What struggles have you faced in getting started?

What Brandie would have done different:

  • Would have put more priority on the e-mail list when initially launching the podcast. She wasn’t good about sending out newsletters, so people were signing up, then not receiving anything.
  • Have at least a 1-page website up when you launch with contact info and an opt in! An e-mail list is ESSENTIAL!

Successful growth strategies

  • Social Media – lots of it!
  • Sharing other people’s content more than sharing your own content
  • Uses Meet Edgar to build out her library of content – then schedules in advance so she doesn’t have to worry about posting every day… it’s automated! 🙂
  • She’s well-connected – focuses on building good relationships with her interviewees and with those in the communities she’s a part of
  • Sent out approx. 45 individual e-mails to ask for support / help with her launch
  • SHARING is the best marketing!! …and don’t forget to share your OLD podcast episodes, too – it’s evergreen content!

What are you focusing on right now?

Working on packaging sponsorships with other offerings to start monetizing!

Selling podcast sponsorships, packaged with other things, like:

  • 4-week podcast sponsorship
  • A Twitter party
  • A sponsored blog post, and
  • A few other things, like newsletter mentions

Recommend reading: “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff

“Be consistent and keep the faith with your podcast!… Stay positive and focus on what you’re passionate about.”


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