3: Q&A Where is My Feed Coming Through?

MicroBrewr Podcast“I noticed that my episode doesn’t get published in iTunes until the post is published on the website. So I want to make sure the data is not coming through my web host, but is coming straight from LibSyn… I want to make sure my data is not too high from my web host.”


I looks like you’re hosting your audio on a file host (LibSyn), so there should be no excessive demands on your bandwidth or storage on your web host’s server.

Now, having your feed come from your website vs. coming from your audio server (LibSyn) is a debated issue.

While some complain that LibSyn owns the audio they store, Rob from LibSyn assures us that you have 100% ownership of your audio, even if it’s coming from LibSyn. To learn more about RSS Feed Management, here’s a link to a great article from LibSyn.

The server company prefers that the audio and RSS feed should come from their servers, due to potential conflicts with website plugins and other issues. Usually, if you’re website savvy, you shouldn’t have problems, but if not, then there’s a likelihood of problems occurring.

Libsyn has a fantastic resource, here, to help you figure out how to migrate the feed from your site to LibSyn’s feed. If you do, you could potentially be qualified to be included in Spotify’s feed when it is released to the general public soon.



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