29: Q&A What’s an average income to expect from monetizing a podcast?

jason blevisJason Blevins asks: “What’s an average income to expect from monetizing a podcast?”

Bryan talks about how there really isn’t an “average” income for podcasters. There are a couple of scenarios because making money through a podcast is still such a new thing:

  • There are people making A LOT of money podcasting; and
  • There are people making pretty much nothing podcasting.

BUT, anyone CAN make money podcasting.

Bryan talks about ideas for making money directly from a podcast:

  • People can contribute to your show
  • Sponsorships
  • Premium content

And his ideas for making money indirectly through a podcast:

  • Coaching
  • Creating a course / community
  • eBook

So, ask yourself: do you want to make money directly through your podcast, or indirectly from your podcast?

Biggest piece: you have to be doing / talking about something people WANT – providing value and serving other people is #1.

Bryan talks about some research he’s done around what sponsors really want before they’ll pay the CPM model: 20k+ listens per episode

Average # of listens / downloads per episode: 165!!

Patience: Bryan talks about how he’s in a place now where he knows he can get to 6 figures with his podcast. He knows exactly what to do now that he knows he’s solving a pain point for people.


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