25: Q&A What’s the best way to monetize a new podcast that has not launched?

profitcastRandy Castellini asks:
“What’s the best way to monetize a new podcast that has not launched?”

Brian discusses how monetizing pre-launch isn’t “typical”, but talks about some ways you can certainly make it happen.

He tells a story about a podcaster who he interviewed on ProfitCast who reached out to a sponsor pre-launch and was able to successfully pitch them for an annual agreement based on the idea of the podcast – not on download numbers or other stats.

Think outside the box by offering…

  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunity
  • Getting in at the beginning

Ask yourself:

  • How much do YOU want to make? What will make it worth it for you and your listeners?
  • Experiment with getting sponsors pre-launch – what do you have to lose?
  • Make sure you’re clear about how your listeners AND your sponsors will benefit.


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