20: If You’re Not Having Fun w/ your Podcast, It’s Ok to Pivot w/ Jaime Jay

Jaime JayJaime is the host of Stop Riding the Pine Podcast, teams up for the Podcast Professors, and believes that if you’re not having fun with your podcast, you might be in the wrong endeavor. And it’s ok to pivot! Jaime’s transition from employee to entrepreneur and incorporating his passion of ice hockey into an online business has been exciting, passionate, challenging, sad, joyous and completely fulfilling.

Working as a WordPress web developer with an online company really helped Jaime to understand the importance of building a solid online reputation through various distribution channels. The channel that was missing was podcasting.

Jaime loves working from home, building websites, playing hockey, traveling, boating, playing the guitar and spending time with his girlfriend.

What’s don’t most people know about you?

  • Jaime is a HUGE hockey fan, and has a pretty cool way of letting people know that…

What do you have going on right now?

Jaime’s podcast is called Stop Riding the Pine. In it he talks to entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs about their journey.

Because of the Podcasters’ Paradise Accountability Program, Jaime met his now-partners with a 2nd podcast he’s involved in, the Podcast Professors! How cool is that?! The power of community is STRONG.

Jaime and his partners are now working on combining all of their passions and expertise into one BIG project: creating their own “audio film”, Narrative Dramedy Audio Film!

What struggles have you faced in getting started?

Jaime talks about how he didn’t have a launch plan, and as a result, it took him 8 months to actually take action with his podcast. Today, he LOVES podcasting and feels hosting his own podcast has taken his game to the next level.

  • Brian and Jaime talk about the “Alchemy of Business” – we don’t give ourselves enough credit! We actually know a lot more than we think we do…
  • Posting consistently has been a huge struggle for Jaime. Learning how to manage his time better in order to post consistently is his biggest challenge.
  • Solution? BATCH! Brian talks about batching, along with sharing some powerful examples every podcaster can benefit from.

Lessons learned in podcasting

  • Just be yourself! There are always going to be things we can be improving (umm’s, ahh’s, etc), but always remember to just be YOU on your podcast.
  • Jaime’s found that when he pays attention to his iTunes reviews, he’s able to get some really great listener feedback; what a great tip!
  • Structure is a good thing, and having a game plan has really helped Jaime achieve success.
  • While Jaime didn’t get into podcasting for money, he has seen profit!
  • Jaime also talks about some cool things they have going on at Podcast Professors and how they plan to help retirees get into podcasting!

“If you’re not having fun with your podcast, you might be in the wrong endeavor. It’s ok to pivot!”

Thanks to our Host, @IAmTheRealBrian for another amazing Podcasters’ Paradise Interview!

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