17: Q&A How Do I Make Skype Work With My FocusRite Forte?

FIVE Minute Bark PodcastDennis Langlais of the Five Minute Bark Podcast, asks, how to make his FocusRite Forte and Mac Computer work well together to better record Skype calls.

Brian Kane, host of the Podcasters’ Paradise Podcast says it won’t work well together because the FocusRite device is designed for musicians, not for podcasters.

After contacting a number of podcast audio professionals, Brian was able to determine that the FocusRite device would be very difficult to set up and use in a Skype recording environment.

Using his PreSonus FireStudio to try to emulate the FocusRite, Brian was unable to use the device as an external audio adapter, and was unable to process the audio correctly while guests complained that the mix-minus in their headsets didn’t sound well either.

TheReaBrian says the Forte can be used by podcasters, but, you’ll have to jump through a ton of hoops, and the audio won’t sound exactly right, and will require the purchase and use of some additional equipment.


Get an external USB sound card that will allow you to plug in and get your audio in from Skype.

For more information about TheRealBrian’s podcast setup, check out Podcasters’ Paradise Podcast Episode 9.


FocusRite Forte
PreSonus FireStudio
CallRecorder (Mac)
PodClear (now Blab.im)
Behringer MDX 4600 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Roland R05 Recorder

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