16: Kevin Craine: You Can Have a Voice

Kevin CraineKevin Craine, host of the EveryDay MBA podcast is a professional writer and editor, a popular podcast host, and an internationally respected business technology analyst. He has sold books in over 30 countries and has podcast listeners and readers worldwide.

His podcast features interviews with authors, thought leaders, and top-shelf executives for their best tips and techniques you don’t learn in business school.

Kevin brags that at one time he was a rock and roll musician with a record deal in the 1980s from the Bay Area of California. Kevin’s band, “The Conditions” opened for groups like Huey Lewis and the News, Jefferson Starship, and others in the Bay area. Still playing semi-professionally in the Portland, Oregon area, he confesses he’s not a rocker anymore.


Kevin acknowledges the benefits of having worked as a musician, with studio experience. His knowledge of recording equipment has helped him assist others with audio recording problems within the Podcasters’ Paradise community, as well as making sure he has high-quality audio as well.

As a writer, Kevin works with clients to create content, and started his first podcast in 2007 with a free copy of Audacity and the cheap mic that came with his PC. He started the Document Strategy Podcast to set him apart as a content creation specialist. “I had no idea what I was doing,: Kevin admits, “but, I was able to hone my speaking skills, my interview skills before I launched the show I’m on now.”


With his podcast, as a writer, Kevin began wondering why he was throwing away the audio interviews with the case studies he was writing for high value clients.

He admits that if he hadn’t been dabbling in podcasting, he wouldn’t have thought to offer the audio content to his clients as an additional property. Eventually, he was hired by CSuite Radio Network to produce a podcast for them.

“As a freelancer and entrepreneur, it’s all about revenue. I’m not making any money, really, from my podcast. But, I’m making money from podcasting,” Kevin explains that one of his objectives is to not worry about sponsorships with EveryDay MBA. Yet, he’s finding that he’s making money off of podcasting, but, not necessarily directly from his podcast.

He warns podcasters from “just jumping in and taking on any old sponsor for any old dollar.” He says its not worth it to “prostitute out” your show in exchange for sponsorship.

Kevin mentions two podcasters that he holds as a standard to live up to. The first podcaster is Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Kevin says he wants to get good enough to feel like his content is on par with Terry’s. On the other hand, another podcast, Dark City, has a sponsorship for Knucklebees Underwear which has nothing to do with UFO’s or anything else in his content spectrum.


Kevin’s show, EveryDay MBA is about business management. The show comes from a combination of his access to authors and thought leaders with a growing desire to share more information with his listeners.

The show features success and business tips and techniques you don’t find in college. EveryDay MBA provides learning action items with each podcast episode. The podcasts helps each listener learn five steps to take so they can take advantage of the truths learned in the interviews.

Kevin says he gets a lot of encouragement from the audience feedback he gets. Going all the way back to one of his first interviews, Scott McCain, who explained that Kevin had done better research than most anyone he had been interviewed by. “If authors feel like they’ve had a good experience, I’ve achieved something.”


Kevin gives three great tips for being a good interviewer.

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Prepare in advance as much as possible, have your questions ready
  3. Be more interactive, don’t just depend on canned questions


Kevin Crain’s strategy for podcast growth is to use consistency and credibility to grow his audience and his show’s profitability.


Kevin found Podcasters’ Paradise to be a great asset, even with some podcasting experience in advance, and joined before launching EveryDay MBA. he has found the videos, downloadable files, and other resources in Paradise to be great resources.

The online community on Facebook has been a great network of friends and supporters who assist each other and encourage each other to keep going. “You learn a lot and you help other folks, too,” Kevin says of the community.


“You can do it, and you should do it, and just do it!” Don’t worry about the technology, or the distribution, just start recording and creating your podcast. Make sure you’re speaking from your authentic voice.


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