15: Q&A Kevin Craine: How can I monetize w/out feeling like I’ve sold out?

Everyday MBAKevin Craine of the Every Day MBA podcast asks, “How can I monetize my podcast without feeling like I’ve sold out my credibility?”

Today’s answer comes from John Lee Dumas, founder of Podcaster’s Paradise and host of Entrepreneur on Fire. John Lee has demonstrated the ability to manage podcast monetization. PPP Host, The Real Brian first reminds you to “be true to yourself and be true to your podcast.” By doing so, you’ll avoid “selling out” because you’ll be looking for things that benefit both you and your listeners.


This should be an inner struggle for every podcasters. And, in that struggle there should always be three winners at the end of the day:

  1. Your listener
  2. Your sponsor
  3. You, the host

John then describes his personal struggle with the concept of monetization by bringing on sponsors in April 2013. He decided to bring on sponsors like 99designs and LegalZoom who’ve been on the show as advertisers since day one.

There are other ways to monetize, such as products. By asking your audience what they are struggling with, you then create solutions for your audience and then sell them the product or service.


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