12: Keep Moving with Christy Haussler

Christy HausslerToday’s guest is Christy Haussler, a former corporate manager specializing in customer relations for a Fortune 500 and small family owned business before leaving corporate behind.

She is also an avid motorcyclist and “Harley Girl” down in Key West, Florida. She says riding her own Harley Davidson is fun, but, definitely not the corporate thing, and cautions that all of the fun things aren’t dangerous if you don’t mix it with alcohol.

Christy lives in Key West, Florida, after quitting her job just over a year ago, and created her new six-figure business, as CEO of Team Podcast.


Christy talks about the troubles of being recruited to a new job about two hours from home. She says after listening to all the audio books in the library, she discovered podcasting. “I didn’t realize you could download them for free and play them at your leisure,” she says.

While none of her friends listened to podcasts, she built her playlist and thrived on the programs back and forth to work. Christy says her first podcast was Seth Godin, Entrepreneur on Fire and others like Tropical MBA.


After Christy became what she called “The Super Consumer of Podcasts,” she realized a lot of the same people were being interviewed on all of the other podcasts. She noticed that several of her favorite stores in her hometown had closed after the 2008 economic crash, and used Brick and Mortar Reporter Podcast to promote the local businesses in her hometown.

Now, with the show, she’s demonstrating how to use a podcast to build their tribe and grow their business.


Having connections with local businesses all over the continent has helped her network different businesses together to grow their business. While she can’t quantify the affect of her show on local businesses, she does report that she had over 20,000 downloads in the month of August, 2015.

Christy says she didn’t start in any type of podcasting group in the beginning. But, in the beginning, she struggled with the myth “if you build it, they will come.” She says she finally realized that putting out good content won’t attract the people, but, she needed a plan to launch, promote and leverage her show.


Explaining that she didn’t know what she didn’t know at the beginning, Christy tells the listener that she started the company she wanted, but couldn’t find to outsource her podcasting needs.

Team Podcast has helped her overcome her introvertedness and imposter syndrome. “The only thing worse is if you add the perfectionist syndrome,” says Christy. Originally, Christy says she would find a way not to be on the phone was one of the reasons she started Team Podcast, and now, she’s on the phone and accessible pretty much all the time.

Christy offers several pointers on how to promote, market and leverage your show. This will transition your podcast from hobbyist to professional.

  • Know your audience
  • Have a purpose
  • Don’t try to do what someone else does
  • Don’t just promote your episodes one time
  • Have a purpose to your marketing plan

She says the automation of promotional posts for her podcast episodes revolutionized the growth of her audience and the reach of her show.


Know your marketing plan in advance, if you want to at least be a zero-sum game. You’ve got to have someone paying you something. Otherwise, podcasting can become the most expensive hobby you’ve ever had.

Christy notes that there’s nothing wrong with getting paid for your podcast, “it doesn’t” devalue the nobility of your mission or your cause just because you get paid for it or compensated for your costs.”


“At least 70% of my clients come from Podcasters’ Paradise,” Christy says of the group. One of the things she says she’s noticed, people come in an soak up the information, then go out and do their show. But, some come back and share the knowledge with others.

She advises podcasters to “get the help you need from people who know better than you so you can keep moving and not get stuck and frustrated.” Christy says the value of Podcasters’ Paradise is the training, and also, in the community on Facebook.

“Wherever you are in the journey, we’ve already been there,” and you can get the information from the group at no additional cost. The people in the group, she stresses, sets the group apart from the rest.

Christy’s final bit of advice to podcasters is “get the help you need even if you have to pay for it so that you can keep moving forward… find those experts, pay people to do what you can’t do.” Speaking to DIY’ers from experience, “get help before you screw it up.”


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