11: Q&A How Many Episodes Should I Launch With?

Simple Podcast PressThis question comes from Hani Moura of SimplePodcastPress. “I’m wondering what is the optimum number of episodes we should have in the bank before we launch? Can we launch with 1? 5? 10? Does it really matter? ”


Host, The Real Brian plainly answers, “not one.” But, he says, the number could be different for each podcaster. Listen to the end, and you’ll see the number we settled on at Podcaster’s Paradise.

There is no real specific answer, however, the more you have the better chance of your show’s survival:

  1. If you launch with multiple episodes, both iTunes and your listeners will see that you’re serious, and not planing to quit
  2. If you launch with multiple episodes, your listeners can download multiple episodes and binge listen, which helps you with initial ranking
  3. The more you have, the better your ranking in New and Noteworthy
  4. Don’t forget the iTunes algorithm (not applicable to New and Noteworthy), it applies to regular ranking.

Podcaster’s Paradise launched with … well… you’ll have to listen for that number!



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