100: Top 5 Recurring Themes Brought up by Podcasters in Paradise

Today is the final episode of the Podcasters’ Paradise Podcast!

What an amazing journey this has been; we hope you’ve received a ton of value from tuning in to hear other podcasters share their journey and tips around how to create, grow, and monetize your podcast.

Tune in to today’s special episode to hear:

  • Why we feel 100 is the right episode to stop at, and
  • Get insights from yours truly, along with my special guests today, John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson!

Top 5 Recurring Themes Brought up by Podcasters in Paradise

1. Mindset

Core takeaways:

  • You can’t let imposter syndrome hold you back
  • You have to be focused on providing value – not on making money
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • No podcaster has ever achieved success withOUT the right mindset
  • Nuts and bolts are very important, but without mindset, they are useless

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Episode 40 W/ Ann Peck: Trust in yourself and what you’re doing

Episode 60 W/ Kara Lamerato: I don’t have time for Paralysis by Analysis

Episode 66 W/ Jesse Ortiz: Give, give, give


2. Just start

Core takeaways:

  • No one can tell you what to expect
  • Until you start, you’ll never know your audience or how to best serve them

Tune in to these episodes to hear more on the topic of just starting:

Episode 28 W/ Nikki & Trey Lewis: Just do it

Episode 44 W/ Nadia Finer: Action is key

Episode 64 W/ Jen Hatzung: You can’t get better if you don’t start


3. Serve your audience

Core takeaways:

  • It has to be about them; otherwise you’ll never grow
  • Know, like, trust – building a relationship with / a community around your audience is key

Tune in to these episodes to hear more on the topic of serving your audience:

Episode 36 W/ Sue Monhait: Seeing a need and providing a solution

Episode 58 W/ Jeremy Paris: Be true to your listeners

Episode 62 W/ Jodi Flynn: Have fun and your audience will grow


4. Relationships are everything

Core takeaways:

  • The connection you make w/ guests is unreal
  • The connection you create with your audience is priceless
  • Opportunity awaits; it takes time to build meaningful relationships
  • Brian’s story of profit (beyond the money and anything imagined)

Tune in to these episodes to hear more on the topic of relationships:

Episode 84 W/ Nicole Culver: The power of relationships

Episode 22 W/ Stacy Curtis: Even ordinary people have extraordinary stories

Episode 94  W/ Harry Duran: Treat your guests like GOLD


5. Be you, be passionate

Core takeaways:

  • You have to be unique to stand out
  • You have to be passionate about what you’re doing to endure
  • If you try to achieve the insane/the best you, you’ll probably achieve it. If you try for average/conformity, like everyone else, you won’t be motivated enough to achieve it.

Episode 48 W/ Nicky Roche: Belief and consistent, considered action

Episode 76 W/ Bree Noble: Breaking the mold and being herself

Episode 42 W/ Chris Luck: Don’t do what everyone else is doing


What’s the Future of Podcasting?

  • Tune in to hear a short convo on what we all see happening in the podcasting space


Top Advice for Podcasters Who Are Just Starting Out

  • Tune in to hear our top advice for podcasters who are just starting out!

Next Steps on Your Podcasting Journey

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