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What is Podcasters' Paradise?

Podcasters' Paradise is THE #1 Podcasting community in the world, where you'll learn how to Create ~ Grow ~ Monetize YOUR own podcast with the support and guidance of John Lee Dumas and over 2,600 other passionate Paradisers!

Paradise Podcasts!

Nikki Lewis had a passion for three things: Dessert, Family and Entrepreneurship. Combining these three loves, Nikki launched Mallow Crunchies® in 2009 as a result of her memories in the kitchen with her mother, Patricia. The business has gone on to be named one of the top minority businesses in MD by the Baltimore Business… Keep Reading
Roberto Ibarra, the host of Vida Entrepreneur, asks “How can we leverage our guests’ networks without it feeling like they’re bragging?” Bryan talks about how he feels personally about the interviews he does on others’ shows: He’s EXCITED to share his interviews because he’s so honored he was a guest. Some tips from Bryan: Let… Keep Reading
Dennis Worden is a member of the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe. He is also the host of the NextGen Native podcast, which features the best and brightest in Indian Country that are taking action today to make tomorrow a better place. He shares their personal journey to inspire others to take action. Dennis has built… Keep Reading
Randy Castellini asks: “What’s the best way to monetize a new podcast that has not launched?” Brian discusses how monetizing pre-launch isn’t “typical”, but talks about some ways you can certainly make it happen. He tells a story about a podcaster who he interviewed on ProfitCast who reached out to a sponsor pre-launch and was… Keep Reading
Jeremy considers himself an Internet scientist, showcasing his experiments around list building, email marketing, and online business on his site Smoothie Sommelier. 49ers fan. And future owner of a grey Tesla Model S. What don’t most people know about you? Jeremy tells a story about when he was a little kid and his sister… Keep Reading
Trey Lewis, co-host of Biz Underdog to Topdog asks: “What do we do if our Skype or ECamm fails midway through our interview? What’s a good backup source?” Brian shares what he uses as a backup: Uses a digital recorder: Roland R-05 Zoom recorder is also an option Using a recorder as a backup ensures… Keep Reading

What's in Podcasters’ Paradise?

Unlimited Access to Video Tutorials

No matter where you are on your podcasting journey, Paradise has over 250 video tutorials that guide you through:

1. Creating & launching your Podcast from step 1 to step done;

2. Growing your audience and your business platform through your podcast;

3. Monetizing your podcast and the audience you're building!

Private Facebook Group

When we asked our Paradise members what the #1 most valuable thing in Paradise is, their answer was "The Community".

Our private Facebook group is filled with podcasters who are engaged, anxious to help, and great at what they do!

Get feedback on things like your podcast idea, name & artwork; get the latest tips and strategies on what's working for podcasters right now; plus help other podcasters in the community on their journey!

Monthly Webinars

We feature a new guest expert on a LIVE Webinar every single month to bring you the latest and greatest in the podcasting space.

Past guests include Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, James Altucher and many more!

All of our webinars are recorded and available to you in Paradise so you can watch (or re-watch!) whenever you want.

Live Q&A Webinars

Every month we do a LIVE Q&A webinar where you can join hundreds of other Paradisers in the chat and ask John any questions you want!

All of this wrapped up in a Lifetime Membership to THE #1 podcasting community in the world? YES!

Let's break it down...

To help you navigate the content in Paradise, we’ve organized it in 3 main sections:

Section 1: Create

Step-by-step video tutorials

If you’re ready to create & launch your podcast, we have over 50 tutorials that will help, including a Podcaster's Checklist, videos on your equipment setup, how to name your podcast, and an entire series that covers your launch strategy. 

Ready to record & edit?

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and start recording and editing your podcast, we have an entire Podcasting Workflow video series that walks you through Step 1 to Step Done: from recording all the way to uploading your podcast.


Section 2: Grow

You're live! Now what?

It's time to start growing your podcast audience. Learn how to leverage social media, grow an email list, and start gaining traction & momentum in your industry and niche in our Grow section.

So when will I start to grow?

You'll start to grow a podcast audience once you've found your avatar and started creating consistent and valuable content for them through your podcast. We teach you how it's done in Paradise.

Section 3: Monetize

What about the $$?

There are multiple ways to monetize your podcast, and in Paradise, we share where you can start. It's not all about podcast sponsorships - not even close! You can become an affiliate, write a book, or even create your own products and services.

Okay, but what about sponsorships?

We’ve got all the sponsorship goods waiting for you in Paradise, including the exact email templates we use at EOFire to reach out to sponsors, and also the documents we use for our agreements and pricing structure.


Ready to join Paradise?

We’re confident that you’re going to love what Paradise has to offer.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.


What Others are Saying about Paradise...


Kathleen Gage, Power Up For Profits Podcast

"I have to say this is, by far, one of the best training programs I've invested in. The more I dig in, the more excited I get. By following John's model I was able to hit #4 in Education and Careers in a little over a week after launching my podcast. The secret to all of this is to dig in, implement and enjoy the results. Great job John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson!
Whoooo hhooo!"


Jordan Agolli, Teenage Entrepreneur Podcast

"I would happily pay 5 times the price for Podcasters' Paradise.

This community is literally ON FIRE and the courses are invaluable.

PP is a goldmine for anyone who wants to start, grow or monetize a podcast!"


Katie Krimitsos, Business Women Rock Podcast

"I'm so incredibly humbled that the Business Women Rock Podcast took home THREE awards at the regional Talkie Awards! My entire podcast would not be possible without the love, education and support of this group!

Thank you all so much to everyone who has given me so many great ideas and feedback!
Love this community!"

Still have questions?

Every other week we host a free, LIVE Podcast Workshop all about how to Create ~ Grow ~ Monetize YOUR own podcast.

Come join us live to learn how to get started with your own podcast today!

You can ask questions, connect with other podcasters in the chat, and get a sneak peek of Podcasters' Paradise!

Podcasters’ Paradise is THE #1 community to Create, Grow and Monetize your podcast. If you don’t feel the same way, then we’re happy to offer you our
30-day money back guarantee.

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